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If you are looking for solid basic-level yoga instruction in a low-key, relaxed atmosphere, BalanceWork is the place for you. We cater to new students, those with injuries/postural issues, and continuing students looking to deepen their knowledge of alignment.

New students to BalanceWork get their first group class for free. Please see the Calendar and Events page for more info.


Since 2003, we've offered carefully tailored private sessions and group yoga classes as well as workshops in our private studio or in the comfort of your own home. Our approach to yoga is influenced by Iyengar, Anusara, Structural Yoga Therapy, TBFM and Continuum Movement.  Additionally, we offer deep tissue massage, relaxation massage, trigger point therapy, aromatherapy and energetic bodywork

Looking to bring yoga to the workplace? We have years of experience providing the stress-reducing benefits of yoga and chair massage for your workplace, corporate events and parties. See the workplace yoga page or the chair massage page for details

"Mark is insightful, sensitive and meticulous. Since working with Mark I've never felt physically better or more centered. he's so gifted and a real pro, making sure each yoga pose is in perfect alignment rather than a mad rush to result. I recommend him highly for his humanity, caring focus, and -- yes, terrific sense of humor"

Garry Shandling - Comedian, Writer, Actor

"Mark is a fabulous yoga instructor. He manages to be both detail-oriented--making sure that each pose is perfectly explained--and aware of mind and spirit. All this transpires with a gentleness and good humor that make every practice a special occasion. Thanks, Mark!"

Janet H. -  Psychologist

ark is my all-time favorite LA yoga instructor. I combed central LA looking for a truly great teacher (ie. one worth paying LA yoga prices for), and Mark was the only one that fit the bill for me. He is incredibly knowledgeable about physiology, and instructs students on the proper form for each and every pose. I would highly recommend him to both beginners and advanced students; as he is a highly individual-focused instructor you will never feel lost, even in a large class. I've since moved out of LA, but I still employ all that he taught me about form in my private practice and with other (less competent) yoga instructors. I also strongly agree with Janet's statement about Mark's gift for balancing precision and mind/body awareness."

Nari D

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