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Table Massage

At BalanceWork, we recognize that the mind and body are inextricably linked.

The holding patterns in the body which cause chronic pain and tension are often a manifestation of our life experiences and whatever is going on in our minds.

By addressing and unwinding the pain patterns in the body, we can have an effect on our well-being on many levels.

Massage doesn't have to be painful to be effective. Instead of "seeking and destroying" problem areas, we approach muscle tissue with the patience and respect it deserves, knowing that the body will yield and release organically in response to slow, sinking pressure. We all like to be heard, and your body is no exception!

BalanceWork offers Deep Tissue Massage, Relaxation Massage, Craniosacral and Trigger Point Therapy in Mid City, LA.


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Chair Massage

BalanceWork Yoga and Massage also  offers relaxing chair massage with aromatherapy for events, retreats, parties and corporate wellness programs. 

Massage Special

New clients receive a 20% discount on all massage massage therapy in Mid-City

"An experienced, certified and longtime Yoga instructor, Mark DeWhitt has added massage to his repertoire of healing arts.  Mark's touch has strength sans any hint of brutality. His innate and intuitive sensibility combined with his formidable skill, in a calm and clean setting, creates a perfect and truly therapeutic experience. Mark DeWhitt is a natural healer." 

Raoul Peter Mongilardi,  Producer/Writer

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"As a nurse working with children with cancer, we face so much stress daily. Mark and the folks at Balance Work have been a blessing with their willingness to come to our off-site retreat for staff and provide yoga instruction and chair massage for everyone. These activities are exactly what we need to help us manage our stress and recharge our batteries. The staff members consistently rave about how wonderful they all are and how they can't wait to come back to the next retreat. These retreats would absolutely not be the same without our awesome yoga and massage!  I would highly recommend them for any event!"

                                                                                    Diane Altounji, Children's Hospital Los Angeles